Quick Turnaround Repairs (3 hour – 24 hour)*

  • Operating system installation; Windows (XP) (7) (8) (10), Macintosh OSX (Tiger) (Mountain Lion) (El Capitan), Linux (Red Hat) (Ubuntu)
  • Internal and External cleaning, Removing debris from laptop fan and/or replacing fan, heat-sink, cooling unit, thermal paste
  • Screen replacement on laptop, as long as your laptop screen is a non-touch we can replace it quickly
  • Changing or upgrading laptop internal memory is also a breeze, be it; hard drive, hybrid drive, solid state drive, RAM memory, buffer drive, acceleration module
  • Wireless WiFi module and WAN 3G, 4G, LTE module
  • Data Copy from healthy** HDD, SSD, USB
  • CD/DVD/BluRay replacement or upgrade
  • Desktop Power Supply
  • Windows Login Password Recovery for local user account


* Parts must be in stock and ready to use

** HDD, SSD, USB Health factor is determined on site and must be between 95-100% for successful data copy


Intermediate Complexity Repairs (1 day – 5 day)

  • Laptop Keyboard* replacement with and without backlight, this also includes Apple MacBook
  • Data Recovery (Level 1) (Level 2)
  • Laptop Battery replacement
  • Power Jack repair*
  • Upper case assembly, lower case assembly, palm rest and touchpad, screen back cover and hinges
  • Large Data Copy 100GB+
  • Desktop motherboard replacement or upgrade
  • Desktop and laptop processor (CPU) replacement or upgrade
  • Laptop motherboard replacement or upgrade, this also includes Apple MacBook logic board


* Parts must be in stock at location or available for shipping from our warehouse


Complex and Difficult Repairs (5 day – 30 day)

  • Liquid spills (Water) (Milk) (Tea/Coffee) (Juice) (Alcohol) (Soup) (Paint) (Rain) (Pool) (Urine Cat/Dog) (Tropics)
  • We specialize in liquid damaged repair and data recovery from such devices, on many occasions electronic devices are further damaged by user/operator if attempted to power –ON- following a liquid interaction with the device “PLEASE refrain from using your device if it has come in contact with liquid and come see our technician as soon as possible”